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Print me out a slice of pie

Readers have asked me if The Blind Pig’s NArc dispenses food in pills or pellets, but I always imagined a giant rendition of a Play-Doh Fun Factory churning out colorful pastes and gels and extruding them into dishes that look like “real” food, only a lot less messy. Turns out a team of scientists and [...]

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An early version of the NArc?

Jenny Craig has announced Metabolic Max: “weight loss personalized to your metabolism.” Instead of an implant in your wrist, a la The Blind Pig, Jenny clients wear an armband that tracks activity levels and calculates calorie burn rates. The food is still real, and it’s prescribed only to those who volunteer to use the service, [...]

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The Blind Pig Book Trailer Released

The Blind Pig Book Trailer is now up on You Tube!

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Cover story published in Harvard Medicine

Twists of Fate: The human genetics field has been delivering spectacular science. But can it personalize medicine?

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