Print me out a slice of pie

Readers have asked me if The Blind Pig’s NArc dispenses food in pills or pellets, but I always imagined a giant rendition of a Play-Doh Fun Factory churning out colorful pastes and gels and extruding them into dishes that look like “real” food, only a lot less messy.

Turns out a team of scientists and engineers at Cornell University’s Computational Synthesis Lab (CCSL) is building a 3D food printer that sounds a lot like a NArc Fun Factory. According to a recent BBC News article, one of the main benefits is reduced waste from the entire food production cycle, from farm to fork.

Another benefit? Convenience:

“What if you could have mom’s homemade apple pie sent via e-mail and printed up at home?” asks Homaro Cantu, chef and owner of the Moto Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, who has printed sushi using an ink jet printer. “Her apple pie becomes as close as an instant message on Facebook.”

What do I say to that? “Aww, you shouldn’t have.”