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Elizabeth Dougherty is a science writer who has written for many publications, including Harvard Medicine, Harvard Focus, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Paths of Progress and Turning Point, and The Boston Globe. A graduate of Cornell University and Boston University’s graduate program in science and medical reporting, she writes about science and technology for MIT, Harvard, and several Boston area entrepreneurs. The trends of current science and engineering inspire her fiction, which explores near-future worlds in which technology has eclipsed humanity. She spends as much time as possible outdoors, running marathons, snow shoe running, cycling, and paddle boarding.

Praise for The Blind Pig

The Blind Pig is authentic near future fiction. Just distant enough to transport you to someplace familiarly off, but not so far off that it requires its own distracting lexicon (outside of NArc and some slang.) Dougherty’s inaugural novel works because it flows smoothly and without hiccups in plotting and players. Character development is just deep enough to invest in them emotionally, without being heavy handed and taking the story arc too seriously… The Blind Pig could have been self righteous and preachy, but it absolutely wasn’t. Instead, Dougherty created a marvelously fun, fast paced and entertaining culinary thriller that makes you both think and hungry at the same time. –Boston Book Bums

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Q and A with Elizabeth Dougherty

We were lucky to snag a few minutes online to interview the author of The Blind Pig, Elizabeth Dougherty. Dougherty’s inaugural work, the story of a near future food writer who delves into the world of government run nutrition and guerrilla foodies , will be reviewed by the team tomorrow on Boston Book Bums.
B3: What inspired you to write The Blind Pig?

ED: I think it all started when I was a science journalism student at BU a few years ago writing a story about illegal cheese. <read more>

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